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About us

About us

Since 2007, Astra takes the taste and the quality to the table of thousands of people everyday. The Astra meat cuts are part of tradition of Brazilians families and it is getting bigger in many countries all over the world.
The Astra’s production standards are full of care and safety. Our objective is to offer to our partners and distributors a competitive product and to the customers the most tasty meat.
In this way, we established in meat global market, as the biggest meat coldstore of Paraná State – Brazil and we are qualified to export for more than 30 countries in world.


Provide food with a high quality and food safety through investment and technological innovation. A continuous improvement of procedures and valorisation of our employees with socio-economic an environmental resposability to offer the best products to our customers.


• Operate in home and foreign market in a balanced way seeking to the quality acknowledgement of our products.
• Seek a development in synergy with our customers, providers and partners to develop new products and looking to new markets.
• Promote a captivating and challenging atmosphere to our employees with growing opportunity and continuous professional learning to promote the operational excellence of procedures.
• Develop modern ways of procedures, people and products management lined up with the best practices of market.
• Respect the community where we operate with ethical, clear and responsable practices.


• OWNER´S ATTITUDE: Differentiated mentality of whom believe in business and wish to see the company succeed as a unit.
• DETAILED VISION: Keep attention in all company procedures and tasks.
• EXCELLENCE: Seek for innovate solutions and constant improvement.
• SIMPLICITY: Tradition to work in a clear and objective way.
• FOCUS IN THE RESULT: All the actions must be guided in practical and measurable results.


Astra is situated in the city of Cruzeiro do Oeste, Northwest of Paraná State, in Brazil. This region has the biggest bovine herd of Paraná and it has easy access to the main sea ports in the country. 

Quality Control

More than an obligation, the quality control is a obsession to the company. Astra offers an accommodation model structure of S.I.F.
Astra also provides a control with professionals that keep up all the procedure, from the care with the animals on field to the high technology applied in our layout coldstore.



Astra products are produced properly aligned with the international rules and standards of quality respecting the animal well-being and slaughter rituals.

Animal Quality

Boi-VerdeGood genetic, good handling, mineralisation and sanitary treating are fundamental requirements to the choice of our providers. Our farms feed their herds with natural pasture of each region and in pre-slaughter period, the animals receive food at the trough with grains, silage of cereals’ lump or soy crumb as source of protein.